Dental Bonding in Maple

Have you ever looked at your teeth and wished that the shape, alignment or spaces between your teeth could be fixed?

It may surprise you to know, that many of the people who you see walking around with perfect teeth have had work done to them. Dental Bonding is the addition of tooth colour filling material to the teeth.

The outcome is a beautiful and natural-looking smile.

At our Maple dental clinic, once planning is complete and we have a good understanding of what we want to accomplish, we start to work on your smile. The teeth are usually minimally shaped and prepared. Often “numbing” isn’t even necessary.Once the necessary shaping is complete, the tooth colour filling material is layered onto your teeth and blended so that the shape, size and colour match the rest of your smile. The bite is then checked and finally, your new teeth are polished. You’ll be asked to go home and live with your new smile for about a week. A final appointment is then made so we can make any necessary refinements.

How Long Does Bonding Last?

Usually a touch up is required every 3-5 years and the material does wear at a slow rate. Your newly bonded teeth will function just as they did before and you will be able to resume your normal daily activities. The tooth colour material cannot be placed where it could be subject to significant stress.

Will The Bonding Look Natural?

Typically our Maple patients and the people they tell are the only ones who notice a difference, and even then you’ll have to look very closely to see that any work was done. You may notice some seams where the material was added if you look close enough, but to everyone else your teeth will look completely natural.

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