A Timeless Smile with Dental Dentures from Maple

Dentures are the most economical way to replace several missing or damaged teeth, and their natural look and appearance makes this option quite cost-effective for you.

A denture is a removable prosthesis that replaces some or all of your missing teeth in the upper or lower arches. Dentures are made of either plastic, metal or a combination of the two and the teeth on a denture are made of plastic.

Dental denture will be a great solution for you, if you are looking to:

  • Improve facial appearance (support muscles on your face from sinking or sagging)
  • Improve your speech and ability to chew
  • Regain the complete smile that makes you confident.

There are two types of dental dentures available at our Maple dental clinic, depending on your specific dental issues.

The first option is complete dentures, where the dentures are completely removable with two rows of life-like teeth. They rest only on your gum for support and stability.

The second option is partial dentures. These rely on some of your natural teeth remaining, where metal clips rest on those teeth to secure your denture in place. They can rest on your teeth as well as the tissue of your gum for support (as long as your teeth are strong enough).

Loosing your teeth can age you dramatically and reduce your quality of life. Let dental dentures bring back a youthful smile on to your face without compromising your wallet or your lifestyle.

Dental Dentures - The Procedure To Improve Your Smile?s Form and Function

Your dental dentures take several steps to be built. It will take approximately 4-5 appointments, each a week apart, and will be completed in approximately 1 month. During this time, share your concerns and expectations with your dentist. Together, you will determine the best denture design for your smile.

Preliminary molds will be taken for planning to make a special impression tray. This tray is designed to create an accurate final impression of your dental dentures. Some minor modifications to your teeth will be made for a partial denture prior to the final impression.

This final impression will be used to make a special bite determination tool which records how your teeth should fit together and determines the aesthetic positioning of your teeth. Your teeth will then be set in wax for try-in to confirm your bite and aesthetics. Once everything looks good, your denture will be made and given to you at your next appointment.

Dental Dentures are crafted to fit your needs and your smile just right.

Look Your Best With An Uncannily Natural Smile

Dental Dentures look so natural that it will be difficult for you to distinguish between your real teeth and dentures at most times.

There are, however, some cases with partial dentures that the supporting teeth are not positioned to allow optimal aesthetics, in which case the metal clasps, needed for stability, are visible when you are smiling.

A Long Term Solution For Your Convenience

Your dentures can longer than you think, here?s how:

  • keep them soaked to prevent them from drying too hard
  • Brush your dental dentures regular to dislodge remaining food and plaque
  • Follow proper dental hygiene practises with recommended amount of brushing and flossing
  • Visit your dentist for routine checkups and provide updates (make sure you don?t tamper with its structure, this might damage them permanently).

Your dental dentures will give your best smile yet and make it last for years to come with proper care.

A Long Term Solution Built To Your Budget

Dentures are not restricted by age; people of every age suffer from poor oral health. Injuries can happen while playing sports, needing assistance for dentures. They are the most economical way to replace several missing teeth with the benefits of natural appearance and functionality, along with the least amount of treatment.

There are also some disadvantages compared to implants or fixed bridges. In the case of partial dentures, the clasps on your teeth can be seen and are prone to collecting food when eating. They also create pulling forces on the adjacent teeth and can start to weaken them.

In the case of complete dentures, especially lower dentures, stability and movement can frustrate patients. For both complete and partial dentures some patients find it hard to have a foreign object in their mouth.

Despite its minor disadvantages, dental dentures remain popular choice to rebuilding a perfect smile. If you need more assurance on dental dentures, there is an alternative solution. Although they are more costly and involved, consider dental implants to secure removable dentures in place.

Dental dentures remain a great option to fix a lot of your dental issues with convenience and affordability.

Face the day with your own timeless smile from our Maple dental clinic.

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