Sports Guards in Maple

No matter what sport you play, or what level you play at, mouth guards should be a mandatory part of your uniform. Just like helmets, face masks, or shin pads, your mouthguard is meant to protect you from costly injuries.

As sports and our culture evolve, the techniques of playing and coaching the activities improve.

Players are bigger, stronger, and faster than they were even a single generation ago. With more college scholarships available and more money to be made at the professional level, the desire to compete at a higher level has created an environment where sport-related concussions are now a major concern.

Many sport-related cerebral concussions can be prevented

Sport guards are designed to protect you against trauma to the head. They provide a cushion to absorb shock, which is critical to protecting you against concussions. Concussions happen when your lower teeth crash into your upper teeth. Some high-end sport guards even have a reinforcing strip behind the upper 6 front teeth to help protect against fractures.

Custom sport guards are made by taking an impression of your upper teeth. That impression is sent to the lab where the sport guard is constructed and sent back to us. During a short second appointment we?ll make any necessary minor adjustments to ensure a proper fit. HINT: If your mouthguard makes you gag, something is clearly wrong.

Sport guards are made of a soft, cushioning material that fits over your teeth. With custom made mouth guards, there is very little contact with your palatal tissue, which can cause discomfort. The appliance is made for the upper arch because it?s better suited to speaking.

Compared to the 'boil and bite' type of sport guards, custom fit appliances are much more comfortable and allow for much easier speaking. Fit and comfort are essential for the sport guard to be worn rather than being left in the bag or tucked in a glove.

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