Recover Your Beautiful Smile From Decay, Chipping and Fractures in Maple

Tooth decay is a very common problem that most people suffer from but tend to ignore until the symptoms escalate. If you are suffering from tooth decay that can cause cavities, consider dental fillings from our Maple dental clinic to repair the damage they are causing.

Tooth decay occurs when bacteria collects on the surfaces of your teeth, and by feeding on the same sugars that you eat, produces an acid by-product which erodes the enamel away and produces a hole or cavity in your teeth. Cavities can occur anywhere the bacteria are not sufficiently cleaned away. The longer the bacteria are left to produce acid, the larger and more painful the cavity will become.

Preventing tooth decay is key to maintaining better oral and complete health, it will help:

  • Avoid progressive tooth ache
  • Reduce tooth nerve damage that causes root canal
  • Prevent tooth loss
  • Prevent infections from developing and spreading from your mouth to your blood, bone marrow or even your brain.

Filling can be the difference between a functioning smile or rotting teeth infected with diseases spreading on to other parts of your body.

Cavities Are Growing In Your Teeth

Cavities are produced by a bacterial infection in the structure of your tooth. Just like any infection which isn't treated, it will begin to spread as more and more bacteria accumulate. Cavities start slowly and without symptoms. Then, as more bacteria accumulate, your tooth begins to erode at a much faster rate. Cavities that are not treated will spread to the nerve of your tooth, eventually causing pain and requiring root canal treatment or removal of your tooth.

Baby teeth are particularly susceptible to tooth decay as the enamel is thinner allowing the decay to spread quickly through the tooth. Deep cavities in baby teeth are often difficult to restore and can require extensive work. A baby tooth that is lost early can give rise to spacing problems and the need to for corrective orthodontics.

Fillings - All Under One Appointment

Dental fillings are great for smaller restoration in your teeth, especially since the procedure is done with one short appointment. The average filling can be expected to last 7-10 years before needing replacement.

Your teeth are under great care and they are inspected for the smallest decay causing holes in your teeth. These holes are cleaned thoroughly, the surrounding decay is removed, and a filling is used to seal the cavity. Filling material is coloured to seamlessly blend with the tooth.

In some instances where larger cavities are encountered, our Maple dentists may recommend using dental crowns to properly protect your teeth.

Very small cavities in the pits of your teeth may not require numbing or freezing, also called local anesthetic. Larger cavities will require local anesthetic, to ensure you will experience minimal discomfort.

While it might take one appointment to fix the current damage, it is highly recommended that you frequently visit your local Maple dentist to further examine and prevent these cavities.

Don't loose your teeth over cavities, repair them with dental fillings.

Cavities Are Preventable

For your best smile to shine through, you need to do follow the responsibilities of maintain good oral health. Put a halt on decaying by following through these steps.

The best way for you to prevent cavities is to brush twice daily and floss or use soft-picks once per day. If you have a sugary drink or snack, rinse your mouth to flush away the sugar, leaving less sugars to be deposited on your teeth.

Keep up with your oral hygiene maintenance appointments to make sure problems are caught early and addressed promptly.

Treat your cavities before they grow on you.

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