If you have been told you have periodontal (gum) disease, you're not alone.

Many adult Canadians have some form of periodontal disease; from simple gum inflammation to more serious variations that cause major damage to the soft tissue and bone that support your teeth.

But there is good news. With proper dental treatment and care, you can put an end to gum disease, sometimes even reversing the effect.

Periodontal infections are an aggressive form of oral disease.

These infections invades your lifestyle, not just your periodontal structures which includes your gum and your teeth. Like all diseases, it starts small but the even the smallest symptom can harmful.

These are the initial consequences of periodontal infections as your gum begins to loosen from your teeth:

  • Pockets around your teeth leads to trapped food and bacteria causing more infections
  • Chronic inflammation
  • Breakdowns that leads to bone defects.

If you leave your infection untreated, you might begin to loose your teeth. Not only will it hurt your appearance of your face, including your smile, it will also lead to bad overall health.

Your Procedure Begins With Infection Control

The main culprit behind gum diseases is plaque, a thin layer made of food leftovers and bacteria that lies all around you mouth. The best way to address periodontal infections is by removing this continuously solidifying layers of deposits.

At your request, a local anesthetic can be combined with sedation. To further reduce discomfort, Advil or Tylenol can be also used.

Your procedure begins with the infected area being properly cleaned to remove any solidified plaque or calculus (tartar). Any inflamed tissue will also be carefully removed allowing the new layer to keep its natural colour. Next, the bone along the area might also be smoothened to prevent the infection from spreading. All these steps allow for your teeth, gum and other periodontal structure to heal and regenerate.

If you suffer from tooth loss with your periodontal infections, there are several cosmetic surgery options that can let you regain your full smile. Dental implants are one the best options for this recovery.

Bone Grafting ? From Bone Loss To Stronger Jaw

Your teeth and gum relies on a solid foundation, like the bones beneath them, to hold its structure and beauty. When they suffer from periodontal diseases, they are often left with eroded areas and craters. It doesn?t have to remain like this.

Synthetic or natural bone granules can be used to reshape your bone. The natural granules are screened and regulated by Health Canada to ensure you will not be at risk at any step of the procedure. These granules also carry no diseases.

Never Loose Your Smile To Periodontal Diseases.

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