Lasting Restoration For Your Complete Smile

Your smile is your biggest asset that you carry everywhere you go. And when your teeth gets damaged, your confidence begins to chip away. Along with your smile, a missing tooth can also change your voice, your ability to chew and increase exposure to tooth damage and disease on the remaining teeth.

A dental bridge is your solution to restore your teeth and lifestyle to its optimal state.

Consider dental bridges from our Maple dental clinic if you want to:

  • Replace missing teeth
  • Maintain alignment of surrounding teeth
  • Regain your ability to chew properly
  • Regain proper speech
  • Maintain your face shape.

A dental bridge can be used to replace one or more missing teeth. Caps or crowns are placed on your teeth on either side of the open space and the replacement teeth are connected to these crowns and held securely in place. A dental bridge can be used to replace up to two side-by-side missing teeth.

A dental bridge is much the same as a bridge that cars drive over in that it has at least two supports, one on each end, and a connecting portion in between. The dental bridge is made with a metal or ceramic substructure for strength with porcelain on top so that it resembles a natural tooth.

Don't let a loss of your tooth bring you or your health down, consider a dental bridge to tie your smile together.

Dental Bridges - The Procedure For A Lifetime Of Satisfying Smiles

A perfectly aligned set of pearly whites is not as difficult to gain as you might think. Our Maple dentists make it easy.

The procedure will begin with your teeth being shaped to fit perfectly to the dental bridge. The teeth are shaped on the top and sides to allow the bridge to fit comfortably with your bite. An impression of the shaped teeth is then sent to the lab where the bridge is made. A temporary bridge is placed to cover your prepared teeth until your permanent bridge is ready.

On the day of your insertion appointment, the temporary bridge is easily removed and the permanent bridge is checked for fit, bite accuracy, colour and aesthetics. Once all necessary adjustments are made, the bridge is cemented in place.

Natural Looking And Strong Enough For Your Needs

Not only will your bridge look natural, but you will have trouble distinguishing which teeth are bridged and which aren't. Our primary goal is to marry your optimal aesthetics with a properly functioning bite. A bridge will satisfy all of these criteria.

Wear that beautiful smile that is strong enough for your needs.

Maintaining Your Dental Bridges To Last

Keeping your dental bridges in their best condition will ensure that all your teeth remain strong and healthy together. Like all dental implants, they require the same regular care taken to maintain your bridges.

Your regular care plan should include:

  • Follow a proper oral hygiene routine daily with brushing and flossing.
  • Eat the right foods that would not put stress on your teeth
  • Check back with your dentist with updates on your progress
  • Visit your dentist for routine checkups.

If you have lost a tooth and ready to bring your best smile forward, please call us or schedule an appointment today.

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