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From the moment you step in, you will be met by an experienced and passionate team dedicated to providing the experience you deserve in an environment you will feel comfortable in.

For any patient under 18, please refer to Your Child?s First Visit.

Please bring these to your first appointment:

  • your identification card (drivers license, etc.)
  • insurance card (if applicable)
  • previous dental records (X-rays)
  • any documentation regarding medical conditions.

On your first visit, your dental care and medical history will be reviewed with a fresh perspective. This exam will probably be different than initial visits experienced with other dentists. That?s because U Shine Dental takes a holistic approach, not only exploring dental issues but nutritional, and lifestyle ones as well. So in addition to questions such as? How long have you had amalgam fillings? Any bleeding gums, or mouth ulcers ? we?ll ask whether you suffer from headaches, how well you sleep and how you cope with stress. Your answers will provide insights into the state of your health and help with the development of a nutritional program that helps to build a strong immune system to ensure healthy teeth and gums.

Once the paper work is finalized you?ll receive a complete oral health examination. Your dentist will inspect your mouth for any sign of dental risks ranging from cavities to oral cancer. X-rays of your mouth will be taken to complete your assessment. A tongue analysis may also be used to explore malnutrition and other deficiencies.

Your plan will include oral maintenance practises and potential dental services needed, all based on your current medical records and your plans for the ideal smile.

We encourage you to ask any question regarding oral health. We want you to feel comfortable in getting to know more about your oral health.

Keep in mind ? If you are rescheduling or cancelling your appointment, we request notice 48 hours prior to your appointment time.

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