Dental Braces in Maple

Orthodontic treatment is the movement of teeth for the purpose of correcting the bite and/or improving the smile. Traditionally this treatment involves fixed braces on the teeth. Braces allow for the quickest treatment, and are considered the gold standard.


For children, orthodontic treatment will generally begin when most or all of their permanent teeth are in place, which is approximately 11-12 years old. Certain skeletal deviations may require earlier intervention to correct growth patterns that aren't progressing as expected.

Adults can also have orthodontic treatment at any time, providing their gums and teeth are healthy.


Full orthodontic treatment takes approximately 20 months. Treatment time will vary depending on complexity.

Do Braces Cause Pain?

As the teeth start to move they may become a little sore. The discomfort can be easily managed with Tylenol. Patients should avoid using Advil or other anti-inflammatories as they can slow down tooth movement which itself is an inflammatory process. Discomfort usually occurs early on in orthodontic treatment following monthly appointments but subsides after the second or third month.

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