Making Oral Hygiene Fun

Back to school means back to routines for many. While we know children and adults thrive on routine, there is no denying that the added stress of toothbrushing battles in addition to getting little ones to bed or out in time for school can often be taxing.

If it's a challenge to explain to your child the importance of oral hygiene and routine, here are a few ways to help make teeth brushing time more fun and something to look forward to!

Fun Toothbrush

The toothbrush is central to the brushing experience. You can get a variety of kid-friendly toothbrushes today, ranging from ones with characters on them, ones that play music, colourful ones, or even some that glow in the dark! If it has soft bristles and holds your child's attention, it'll work.

Fun Toothpaste

There are so many fun kinds of toothpastes available today in different colours, flavours, ones with sparkles or stars - anything you or your child could imagine. Just make sure the toothpaste contains fluoride in order to protect their teeth!

Games and Activities

There are many fun activities that could be incorporated around toothbrushing. You could get teeth-related colouring books, or read kids' books about oral hygiene. When it is time for brushing teeth, you could make up a song or play games like counting how many teeth they've cleaned. This will ensure that brushing is something your child will associate with positivity and fun thoughts.


Set times in the morning and evening that are allocated for brushing teeth. A good oral hygiene routine fosters healthy teeth for life.


Positive reinforcement could help make a habit out of oral hygiene. A toothbrushing chart can also provide motivation for children when establishing a routine that involves brushing teeth twice a day. A good way to achieve this is through stickers - give your child a sticker for brushing their teeth on time, or for brushing for 2 minutes every day. Once they have 5 stickers, you could give them a prize!


Make sure your child brushes for 2 minutes in the morning and evening respectively! You can help them keep track of time by playing a song for 2 minutes or even getting them an hourglass, which they can flip over and keep an eye on.


Roleplay is another good way to teach children the importance of good oral hygiene. By using a doll or a stuffed toy to let them demonstrate brushing teeth, positive associations can be formed with a toothbrushing routine.

Set an example

Make brushing a family affair or let your kids watch you go about your brushing and flossing routine. Younger children learn the most through observation, so you can set a good example for them to follow.

Toothbrushing and a good oral care routine play an important role in ensuring good health, not just for primary teeth, but also pave the way for healthy adult teeth. In combination with regular dental check-ups and flossing, implementing a good oral hygiene routine goes a long way in keeping those pearly whites shining bright. Don't forget to book a dental check-up for your family before you get busy with the start of a new school year and resume work after a fun summer.