Many people suffer from hot or cold sensitivity and have a difficult time enjoying their favourite foods and drinks such as coffee, tea, ice cream and others. A common reason for this is recession of the gums causing root exposure. Root surfaces don’t have an enamel coating to insulate them like the top of the tooth, and as a result exposed roots allow hot and cold to sensations to pass quickly to the nerve and cause pain.


There are some great tooth pastes on the market that are designed to treat sensitive teeth. Before more expensive treatments are considered, such as laser desensitization, it’s recommended that you try a few of these products. Choose a toothpaste you like and use it for your daily brushing in the morning and at night. These toothpastes are often all that’s necessary, and over a period of approximately 1 month, improvement should be noticeable. In cases where improvement is not noticeable, try massaging some of the paste on to the sensitive area immediately before going to bed. Let the paste sit on the area over night and this may do the trick. Consider trying a few different toothpastes if you are not satisfied.

In cases where multiple toothpastes have been tried without success or where frustration is setting in, it may be necessary to use laser desensitizing to treat the area or areas.

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