Tony has been progressively wearing his teeth for the past 10yrs+. His upper front teeth were repaired but continually chipped and had to be redone. Tony even broke two bridges on his lower right. Tony decided it was time to do something that would last and also improve the appearance of his teeth.

Tony’s treatment began with building a schematic and wax mock-up of the anticipated result before working on any of his teeth. Restoration of Tony’s mouth included a combination of porcelain as well as tooth-colored filling material to help stay within Tony’s budget. Tony’s lower teeth were not restored other than bonding on his lower front teeth. Tony may decide to treat his lower teeth in the future, however, the current restorations are functioning well.

Tony and I are thrilled with his new smile. Tony will wear a grinding appliance at night to protect his investment and make sure to keep up his home care and maintenance appointments.

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