Teeth Whitening

In-office Teeth Whitening to create a picture perfect smile

Zoom!® – Professional Teeth Whitening In One Hour

If you long for a whiter, brighter smile, and you want it now, Zoom!® is the fastest tooth whitening option available.  Schedule an appointment now as Zoom treatments are only available through your local dentist.

Your teeth whitening treatments will be managed with professional supervision, so your results are customized to your specific needs.

Sensitive teeth?

Zoom’s patented whitening treatment is gentle enough for your sensitive teeth. While some patients may experience slight discomfort during the treatment, the Zoom!® light is designed to produce less heat compared to other whitening systems.  Of course you’re welcome  to listen to music, watch movies or even fall asleep during the whitening session.

In addition, you’ll be given a Zoom!® home kit to touch up your smiles as needed.

Zoom!® molds are created right in our office, and custom trays are made for you to use at home. The trays are worn for 3 hours at a time or 2 sessions of 30 minutes based on your preference. After 14 days, your teeth will be noticeably whiter – as many as 6 to 10 shades



Benefits of a whiter, brighter smile  include:

    • A youthful smile
    • A boost in confidence and self-esteem
    • To reverse years of yellowing and staining on your smile
    • Upcoming special events like a wedding, job interview or class reunion

Keep in mind,  to maintain your results, it is highly recommended that you, as much as possible, avoid stain-causing foods and pigmented beverages like red wine and coffee that can reverse your results.

Create a picture perfect smile

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