Positive Dental Experiences

Our Dentists and the entire team of Hygienists, Associate Dentists and support staff are committed to making sure your child develops a successful and trusting relationship with our office and the Dentist in general. Our goal is to help your children develop proper oral hygiene and oral care habits. This depends on positive experiences at the dental office so that they feel comfortable keeping their teeth and gums healthy for life.

How We Do It

Right from the beginning we’ll show them that coming to the dentist can be fun and exciting. Kids typically love to learn, explore and ask questions. By allowing them to explore and understand dentistry at their pace, much of the fear and apprehension simply fades away, and they start to look forward to their routine appointments. Not only do the appointments become easy for them, but they are very receptive to what they can do at home to help keep their teeth healthy. Even in the healthiest of mouths, it’s possible that a cavity or other dental issue can develop. U Shine Dental team is even more focused on making sure that when dental work is necessary, the end result is a happy and satisfied child who retains his/her positive feeling toward the dental office. We usually start off doing the gentlest work first to show them how easy it is.

Fillings and Cavities

Many early cavities can be filled without the need for local anesthetic. When local anesthetic is necessary we tell them stories and keep them relaxed while the freezing sets in. Many children don’t even know they received the anesthetic until they feel the sensation in their lips. Our favourite words at the end of any appointment are, that was easier than I thought! As your child jumps out of the chair a high-five from the dentist sends them on their way. At times, it may be necessary to fix several cavities at the same time or remove a baby tooth. For some children this will be a routine procedure, but for others it can cause some anxiety. Our goal though, is always the same. We want to get the treatment completed as successfully as possible while maintaining the positive feeling for the Dentist and our office. In some cases, we will use laughing gas and mild sedation. In more severe cases it’s necessary to refer you to our team of pediatric specialists to make sure the positive experience continues.

Special Cases

The specialist’s office is geared totally for kids and the environment is completely child friendly. This alone can often reduce anxiety so that laughing gas or sedation may not even be necessary. Our specialists work with anesthetists and can complete the work on your child while they are asleep if necessary. All this is done so that a fear of the dentist doesn’t develop and the best possible treatment is performed. Should a referral to our specialists be deemed necessary, we work in close contact to ensure your child is well taken care of. Our specialists also work hard to create a positive environment and make your children feel important and comfortable. If you have any suggestions as to what work best for your child please talk to us about it.

Class Presentation on Dentistry

U Shine Dental team would love to come to your child’s school and give a presentation about dentistry for their class. If you’re interested in a presentation please ask us for details.

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