When you are traveling, spending a few days away from home or are just extra concerned about oral care, it is important to know basic guidelines of how to take care of your teeth when you are on the go. These guidelines and products will help you maintain good oral care when you are out of the house, at work, at school or anywhere else.

Have an oral care travel kit.

Having this little kit wont weigh you down, and you will reap the benefits of fresh breath and a clean feeling mouth any time of the day. If you are always running around and do not spend a lot of time at home, having this travel kit is vital. Here are some items you will want to include;

  • Toothbrush. They have small fold-able travel ones that are inexpensive.
  • Toothpaste. These come in tiny tubes which don’t take up much space.
  • Dental floss. Already come in great tiny containers perfect for taking anywhere.
  • Mouthwash. Travel size mouthwashes are great for a few uses, when you need that extra clean feeling.
  • Sugar free gum, breath mints, tongue strips. For when you don’t get a moment to brush, these are quick fixes.

Keep your mouth moist.

When your mouth is dry it causes bad breath to occur quickly. Keeping your mouth (as well as your body) hydrated is important.

  • Drink water – Have a bottle of water with you wherever you go to avoid dry mouth and dehydration. Rinsing out your mouth after you eat is important for oral hygiene as well.
  • Herbal tea – Drinking peppermint or green teas also help to kill germs and bad breath while keeping your mouth moist. You can also gargle warm tea to help improve your breath.
  • Oil of Oregano – This oil is a potent antibacterial with a lot of antioxidants, plus it aids in digestion. As it is extremely strong, add 1 or 2 drops per litre into your water bottle. Sip on it regularly for a clean mouth and fresh breath.

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