Lou has been a patient many years and has been unhappy with his old veneers for a long while. It was finally time and Lou was ready to start working on his new teeth.

Lou’s main concern was that the gums had changed position and the margins of the veneers were now visible and staining.



Lou’s case again, began with photos of his current teeth and models of his teeth that allowed us plan and make a blue-print for his new teeth. Using the blue-print we were able to transfer the proposed new teeth to Lou’s mouth to ensure that he was happy and we felt the treatment would be successful.



Lou’s old veneers were removed and the teeth refined. Temporaries were placed while the new teeth were being made at our lab. Lou was able function with a replica of his new teeth and make sure they were comfortable for chewing and speaking. I was able to see they held up.

When Lou’s new teeth were back from the lab the temporaries were removed and the permanent teeth placed.



Lou and I are both extremely happy with his new teeth.

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