Laser Assisted Gum Treatment

After initial active therapy, it?s possible that some of the treated areas will not have responded as hoped. In other cases, the disease could be too strong to allow the ideal response, and deep spaces may remain around one or several teeth. Laser assisted gum treatment (also call laser bacterial reduction) is a treatment using a low intensity laser to kill the bacteria deep in the periodontal pocket.

By killing these bacteria, the body can heal naturally and the gum will reattach to the teeth allowing the pockets to become shallower, and therefore easier to clean and maintain.

Laser assisted gum treatment may also be recommended at a hygiene maintenance appointment if one or more areas have developed deep pockets. This is one of the simplest, most effective methods to treat and improve gum and periodontal disease.


The first step is to measure your gums and overall gum condition to assess which areas may benefit from treatment. This assessment will be completed at a hygiene maintenance appointment, or will have been completed prior to your initial active therapy.

A previous assessment can be used if it was completed within the past 6 months. Areas that will benefit from treatment are recorded and you will be scheduled to come back for laser assisted gum treatment. The process involves treating each area with the laser to kill the bacteria, followed by flushing the area with ultrasonic scalers.

Ultrasonic scalers are used first in order to remove plaque and flush debris so that the laser is most effective. Local anesthetic is not necessary for this procedure, but topical anesthetic is applied to ensure comfort. Appointment times will range from 20 minutes to an hour depending on the number of teeth being treated.

Progress will be assessed at your next hygiene maintenance appointment. There is no special follow up as the changes can take 6-9 months. For best results thorough home care is required.

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