Wearing braces is a two-way street, they help to straighten and fix up your teeth, but you must hold up the other end of the bargain by taking extra care of your mouth – more than just regular brushing and flossing.

Some foods can loosen, damage or even dislodge the brackets and break the braces. In order to take care of your braces some foods must be removed from your menu until the braces are removed. Broken wires and dislodged brackets can rub on the inside of your mouth causing sores.

Hard Foods & Candies

Fruits, vegetables, snacks, nuts and candies are off limits for the most part if you wear braces. Fruits such as apples or pears can be eaten only if they are cut into small pieces – do not bite into a whole apple. All nuts including peanuts and almonds are too hard for chewing and also must be avoided. Other snacks including tortilla chips, taco shells, pizza crusts and pretzels are off limits. You can eat hard candies like lollipops and peppermints only if you suck on them, and do not bite.

Gummy & Sticky Candies

This should be obvious, these will get stuck in all the crevices of your mouth and you will have to pick them out of your braces. This includes taffy, caramels, gummies, fruit-roll up and gum.

Other foods to avoid:

Bagels and other hard bread, Beef jerky, Corn on the cob, Hard cookies, Ice cubes

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