Dr Aman Ranu

Dr. Aman Ranu simply loves dentistry. While beginning her career focusing on general and family dentistry, over time she expanded her skills to be able to provide Implants, Moderate Sedation, Complicated Extractions, and Smile Design.

Dr. Ranu has a passion for holistic density; studying the impact of modern diet and systemic diseases on our oral health. With a deep understanding of how our teeth and whole body are connected as an organic unit, she is an advocate of natural dentistry and its effects on our overall health. Dr. Aman Ranu stays up to date in the ever-evolving dental profession by attending continuing education courses.

I visited Dr. Ranu today for a consultation regarding a broken tooth. Dr. Ranu was very thorough with her exam and explained that I need a root canal before a filling, and that I’ll eventually need a cap (due to the fact that I grind my teeth). I was impressed that she offered to start the process today however, I decided to schedule another date as I wasn’t prepared to stay that long today. Highly recommend.”

– Paul Bies

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