Dental x-rays allow us to see between your teeth and under the gums to the bone that is responsible for holding your teeth in place. These unseen areas have a big impact on the maintenance of your teeth and gums.

In short dental x-rays allow us to catch and treat hidden problems as early as possible. X-rays also allow us to catch cysts and tumors that can occur in the jaw, but may not necessarily cause symptoms.

How Often Do I Need X-Rays?

New patients will have x-rays taken when they enter the practice. After that, we will take a few x-rays every 1-2 years for adults and a full set every 5 years as a part of the Complete Oral Exam.

If you’ve had x-rays taken within the last year, we can request that they be transferred to our office.

What If I Don’t Want X-Rays?

You are always allowed to refuse x-rays for yourself or for your children. We don’t recommend avoiding x-rays as they greatly enhance our ability to find and treat problems. We may, in some cases require that you sign a release when we have serious concerns; however you always have the final say.

How Much Radiation Do X-Rays Expose Us To?

Exposure to radiation from dental x-rays is minimal. U Shine Dental switched to digital intra-oral x-rays in January 2010 allowing us to cut your exposure by 50%. You will always be protected by a lead apron with a thyroid collar. In actuality, you’ll be exposed to about one fifth of the radiation you receive from living in a brick house for one year.

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