Many people believe that much of what dentists do is fix broken teeth, fill cavities and treat dental infections. And this is very true… we do spend a lot of our time addressing these kinds of problems.

Dentistry has changed exponentially over the last decade and continues to change at a rapid pace. We have seen the introduction many digital technologies that have improved accuracy and success in all aspects of dental treatment.  Materials are stronger and our ability to achieve natural aesthetics is truly impressive. Many procedures are much more comfortable both during and after treatment.

We have also learned how to prevent many dental problems from occurring in the first place. Products are now available, many of them over-the-counter, that can repair teeth in the early stages of cavity formation and even stop a significant cavity in certain circumstances. Our understanding of how to keep gums healthy for a life-time has never been better, and we know how to protect teeth from excessive pressure and wear!

At U shine Dental we have designed our examination and dental hygiene appointments with a focus on prevention. Our goal is to make sure each and every one of our patients have the opportunity to take advantage of the most advanced preventative products and home-care strategies and to maintain their natural teeth with a minimal of intervention. We feel it is a true team approach to your care that allows you to benefit the most.

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