Patient – Male, age 57 reported to the office for pain in the tooth.

Past dental history – Patient had pain and a big cavity in the same tooth 2 yrs ago. RCT and filling were done at that time. A crown to prevent fracture of the tooth was recommended to be done asap. As the patient grinds his teeth, a night guard appliance was recommended, again to prevent fracture and wear on his teeth. The treatment for crown and night guard were not followed through.
A week ago patient presented with pain. A diagnosis was made of fracture of the tooth. 
Once a tooth fracture, in most cases it leads to extraction of the tooth.


The treatment option of extracting the tooth and putting immediate implant placement was discussed with the patient. The benefit of immediate implant placement is that it avoids having to go through surgery twice. However,  the possibility of doing an immediate or delayed implant is also case dependent.
The patient consented to go ahead with purpose treatment. 
No sedation was used for this case. The patient was able to handle the procedure with local freezing only. 
The fractured tooth was removed atraumatically. An implant was placed at the same appointment with bone graft material around the implant for bone preservation.
Faster Healing, Naturally With PRF
PRF membranes made from the patient’s own blood cells were placed around the implant for faster tissue healing. (Read More about PRF) (link to https://ushinedental.ca/dental-implants-dentist-maple-vaughan-2/)
A temporary crown was placed. A final crown would be placed in 4-6 months.
The total appointment was 2 hrs. The patient tolerated the procedure well.
At one week recall, the patient reported healing well.



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