Cracked tooth syndrome is the condition where a crack has occurred within a tooth (often invisible) or where a tooth or teeth are causing pain while biting hard foods often in combination with sensitivity to hot and cold. There is usually no evidence of tooth breakage. Even if the tooth has a filling, that filling can be in good condition.

Patients are often frustrated with cracked tooth syndrome as there seems to be nothing wrong with the tooth, yet it continues to cause pain and sometimes only periodically. Causes of cracked teeth include clenching, grinding and large fillings that weaken the teeth. When it comes to cosmetic dentistry in Maple, U Shine Dental can help get the most out of your smile.


The treatment for cracked tooth syndrome is to support the tooth structure with a crown. A crown supports the tooth and protects it from the pressure caused by biting forces. If a crack is determined to be the cause of extreme pain, a root canal will necessary as the crack will have impinged on the tooth’s nerve.

To keep your teeth strong and healthy restore your cracked tooth as early as possible to ensure the best chance of success! Untreated cracks may allow a tooth to suffer an extreme fracture and could require removal of the tooth.


Usually the diagnosis is made through the use of a biting test. A biting test uses a specially designed device which applies pressure to specific points or cusps on the patient’s back teeth. The application of pressure to these cusps will reveal moderate and severely cracked teeth. In mild cases, the bite test may not reveal any issues, and monitoring over time is the best course of action.

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