Bruno is great guy and has been a patient for years. Over that time period Bruno’s teeth wear has progressed despite wear a grinding appliance while sleeping. His teeth were becoming increasingly sensitive to cold and he broke part of his tooth on his upper right. Bruno decided it was time to do something.

Bruno’s case was evaluated and planned using photo and templates and then built in wax to replicate what would be done in his mouth. A simulation was then placed over his teeth for evaluation prior to restoration. Notes were made for minor modifications that were needed and Bruno’s teeth were then restored according to his case planning.



Bruno chose to have his teeth restored with tooth color filling material that will serve as long term transitional restorations. Bruno will have the restorations converted to porcelain over time. This method allows him to benefit from the completed treatment and spread the cost of the porcelain restorations out to better manage his budget.

Bruno Is thrill with the result and so are we!!

Before                                                                      After


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