Its never too late to get braces. Nowadays, more adults are making the decision to get the smile they’ve always wanted.

Maybe your parents couldn’t afford braces when you were younger or you are now more conscious of the way your teeth look. Regardless of the reason, most people want to have that perfect smile. It can make a difference in your personal life as well as your professional lives and boost confidence. The trade-off for the temporary inconvenience of braces is well worth the end result.

With the advances made to braces over the last decade, the days of ‘metal mouth’ have ceased. Depending on the state of your teeth, the dentist can decide which type of braces will be best for you.

Traditional Metal Braces 

These work best if there is a significant bite problem or severely crooked teeth. These are more effective in moving teeth than the clear braces. Read more about traditional braces.


This is a clear aligner that adjusts the teeth without wires or metal. Every two weeks you switch aligners to move your teeth progressively into place. This is best used for mild cases of crooked or protruding teeth and can be used for over or under bites. Read more about clear braces.

Get you the smile you always dreamed of. Arrange a free consultation with us to discuss your goals and objectives and see which type of braces will work best for you.

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