When a tooth or teeth are lost the bone begins to shrink and deteriorate. Much of the deterioration occurs within the first year due to lack of stimulation in the deep area of the bone where the roots had been.

Deterioration of the bone can and does result in cases where there is insufficient bone volume to allow placement of an implant. In these cases, bone grafting is necessary to build bone volume and allow the successful placement of one or more dental implants.


Instances where grafting is necessary require either synthetic or donor material. Regardless of which material is used, U Shine Dental follows strict regulations set forth by Health Canada to ensure patients receive optimal treatment.

More complex or progressed cases of bone degeneration may require a specialist. Specifically, cases involving direct sinus grafting always require the attention of a specialist. In such cases, U Shine Dental will help you with the referral process.

The healing period for bone grafting procedures can range from a few days to as much as 6 months depending on the severity of the grafting. In all cases, the grafting must be sufficiently healed before implants can be placed.

In general more extensive grafting procedures require longer post-surgical recovery periods along with potential swelling and discomfort. However, most patients report that the procedure is very well tolerated, and was not as bad as they had anticipated. When it comes to cosmetic dentistry in Maple, U Shine Dental can help get the most out of your smile.

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