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Posterior Support (Back teeth support)

Posterior Support (Back teeth support)

  Many people don't give much thought to the importance of their back teeth. Your back teeth, also called posterior teeth are vital for chewing supporting the rest of your bite. Your back teeth provide vertical support to your bite much like the foundation of a...

Cracked Tooth Syndromes

Cracked tooth syndrome is the condition where a crack has occurred within a tooth (often invisible) or where a tooth or teeth are causing pain while biting hard foods often in combination with sensitivity to hot and cold. There is usually no evidence of tooth...

Fresh Breath

Fresh Breath

Many patients come to our office with the complaint of bad breath or a bad taste in their mouth. Fresh breath is something we all desire, and is an expected component of our social graces. It's just as big a part of making a great impression as any other aspect of...

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