If you require a dental prosthetic of any kind, implants are the way to go. The procedure can seem daunting, as the implants are surgically bonded to the jaw or skull, but high success rates and the prospect of fantastic results are often enough to sway even the most apprehensive of candidates. Though most people’s anxieties surrounding their dental implants evaporate post-operation, some may be concerned by the appearance of blood. Bleeding is expected, but requires careful monitoring to ensure a speedy and efficient recovery process. Review the follow guidelines to correctly gauge, control, and decrease post-surgery bleeding.

Is bleeding normal?

As is the case with most oral surgeries, light bleeding is to be expected as a result of the incisions made to the gums and oral tissues. Blood loss should be minimal, as your dentist is required to suture all incisions closed, but bleeding may occur hours after surgery. You should not be concerned until bleeding persists more than 48 hours after recovery.

How do I control implant bleeding?

Controlling your blood loss post-surgery is a relatively simple process. All you need to do is keep gauze or cotton rolls applied to the gums. Be careful not to use excessive pressure, and avoid moving the implant at all costs. Try not to rinse within 24 hours of surgery, as the pressure of the moving water could move the implant and trigger further bleeding.

How do I decrease bleeding? 

Decreasing your amount of bleeding is achieved by adhering to basic recovery guidelines. Be sure to get plenty of rest on the day of your surgery, and relax as much as you are able with your head elevated to improve circulation. If you need to rise and be active for any reason, it is crucial to avoid bending over. 

Apply an ice pack to the jaw or cheek to reduce swelling. Try to keep the ice pack in place for 15-minute intervals for the first 48 hours. If you wish, you may apply a moistened tea bag to your gums, as tea leaves contain tannic acid that can encourage blood clotting.

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