Antonio is a very vibrant gentleman who was very unhappy with this teeth. He had an upper denture that was not stable for him to eat and making speaking difficult. He was also very unsatisfied with the esthetics and felt it looked like he has a piece of gum in his mouth.

Antonio wanted treatment that would work into his budget but also provide him with stable teeth that he could brush right in his mouth and that would look good. After reviewing many different option Antonio settled on a treatment that was more extensive than he originally envisioned but that we both felt would serve him very well and meet all of his goals.



Antonio’s treatment included:

  • Initial gum therapy work the make his gums healthy
  • Restoring his upper front teeth with crowns along with reshaping his gums
  • Replacing his upper back and canine teeth with implanted supported teeth
  • Restoring his lower teeth with conventional tooth color filling material
  • Use of a night-time grinding appliance to protect his new teeth
  • 3 times yearly maintenance appointments to keep his gums healthy

Antonio’s case began with photos and an initial exam as usual. The case was planned using photos and models of Antonio’s teeth to create a blue-print. Using the blue-print we began working with Antonio’s teeth and reshaping his gums and restoring his teeth with temporary material to ensure we were on the correct path. When Antonio and myself were happy with the initial temporary teeth he was then placed in long-term temporary teeth made by our lab for approximately 3 months.


The teeth are the exact design we expect Antonio’s final and permanent teeth to match and they serve to ensure proper function including eating, speaking and overall comfort. We also ensure our design holds up to his bite pressure.

When we were both happy with the temporary teeth Antonio was given his final set of new teeth.


Antonio and I are both tremendously happy with the final result and how his case progressed through the various stages.

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