If your journey into the realm of cosmetic dentistry has led you to an investment in porcelain veneers, you are probably already enjoying a brilliantly-white smile. Once the procedure has ended, the onus falls on you to make sure those picture-perfect results last. Your dentist will provide you will an appropriate care and maintenance plan to pursue after treatment. Your oral hygiene regimen must be on-point, as the veneers are attached to your teeth, and any issues affecting your natural teeth or gum-line will only become more problematic. Proper care for your veneers will be necessary to prolong their life. 

Frequent cleaning is key

Veneers can last between 5-10 years on average, with their durability being heavily dependent on how well you look after them. Most dentists recommend having your porcelain veneers cleaned professionally between three and four times each year. Dental hygienists will use special tools and cleaning solutions to polish your veneers with every visit. 

Oral care is king

A recurring theme in all dental discourses is to stress the importance of healthy oral hygiene habits in the form of regular flossing and brushing. This is no different when it comes to maintaining your veneers, and regular cleaning is important both before and after their application. If you neglect your brushing and flossing prior to having your veneers applied, you can expect tender, swollen gums and irritation to be an ongoing issue. 

Manage your activities

Veneers behave like regular teeth, but should still be treated with special care considering the time and resources that you have invested in them already. Try to avoid excessive pressure as a result of chewing ice, fingernails, or even biting down on hair pins. If you compete in sports, invest in a proper mouth-guard, whether chosen sport involves contact or not. 

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